Jacob Keller
Jacob KellerManaging Partner, Contract Manager
Jacob Keller serves as a Managing Partner and Contract Manager of Olympus Medical Staffing, LLC. Jacob’s background is in real estate, property management and healthcare. Jacob has worked as a Unit Coordinator and Nursing Assistant in the Emergency Department, Acute Care Unit, MED/Surg and Skilled Nursing-Long Term Care/geriatrics
Micah Kaluzny
Micah KaluznyManaging Partner, Nurse Manager
Micah started in the healthcare field with first job as a Certified Nursing Assistant at skilled nursing facility in 2002 at the age of sixteen. He worked for several years in long-term care and then began working as an Emergency Room Technician while going to nursing school. After graduating from nursing school in 2007, he has worked primarily critical care and the emergency department. Micah recently received his board certification in emergency nursing and currently works as an emergency room nurse, as well as a Trauma Program Manager at a hospital in Northeast Washington.
Tom Kaluzny
Tom KaluznyManaging Partner
Tom Kaluzny PT, WCC, OMS is a Physical Therapist with 33 years of experience. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from CSUN/UCLA in 1983 and has practiced in various settings since graduation. He has owned his own private practices specializing in ergonomics, work related injuries and safety in Nevada and has managed the Rehabilitation Departments for two local hospitals in Northeast Washington. Four years ago he pursued his certification in wound care and is now a certified Wound Care and Ostomy Management Specialist.